Sadly this newer ransomeware knocked out two retail stores. I got the call to try to work through getting the stores back online. The store owner had been using a guy who moonlights on the side at a discounted rate and he could not be onsite to address the issue fully. 

Normally I ignore the extraneous and focus on getting the stores back to completing orders for their customers. This time I ran into the usual I have a backup but found the backup has not been completing for two years. Quickbooks was not working because the Server share had been compromised by the ransomeware. The computers that do the POS had custom software and the databases were on the corrupted Server share. I searched for any Quickbooks files and found and restored/rebuilt a file from February of this year.

Take a deep breath and try explaining this disaster to the owner. No amount of empathy will overcome the look I read in this business owners face. He was staring into the abyss of zero company history and two non-functional retail outlets. The accountant did not have a backup or even an accountants copy of the company file.

Please reconsider your choice when working with Brother-In-Laws, college kids, or moonlighters. The results may eventually put you out of business. The ransomeware was the final death knell. The choice and trust put into others is the real reason this was heart wrenching.

I can’t end this post without some good news. The one store was not affected by the ransomeware once the structure was put back in place on the Server. The moonlighter knew how to setup a store using the old POS software once I got the computers reloaded and VPN enabled. The files were shipped off to a firm that swears they could get the files unlocked or they would not charge for the service. The last nugget of good was the Business Insurance company would pay a claim for the hours of work.

It only takes a day to verify backups and processes are in place to keep your company data safe. It is a small cost to pay to keep your business operational and provide employment. Imagine the peace of mind knowing you could lose everything but still manage to setup shop again.