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Do you have a “Technology” go to person on your team?

Let us enhance your team with additional resources while lowering your Technology costs.

Make your network run faster and with fewer problems? Loop Advisors Managed Services

Small Business computer network support for one low fixed monthly rate.

  • Eliminate expensive repairs. Our network monitoring and maintenance will allow us to see and prevent network problems before they turn into downtime and expensive repair bills.
  • Remove data recovery costs. Getting new equipment usable for your team is quickly completed with our additional resources at hand.
  • Receive faster support. Our remote monitoring software will enable us to access and repair most network problems right from our offices.
  • Fast performance, managing error messages, and less downtime. Our role is to make sure your network receives continual maintenance and monitoring.
  • We keep your network safe. It’s time to get serious about allowing a new team member to keep your small business network safe from the latest security threats.

An easy way for you to lower your Technology Support Costs while delegating frustrating computer problems to your reinforced team.

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Advantages of a Flat Fee Model

IT services that are available at a flat rate offer predictable monthly costs, allowing you to set an exact budget for IT in a given fiscal year.

An on-site IT team requires that you integrate a group of professionals into your labor overhead — this includes all the surrounding legal provisions and benefits packages. A break/fix support model is more expensive due to the requisition process.

If you choose to go with a flat fee managed service solution, you’re working with a group that has to stay current on tech trends and integrate a solution as soon as possible. A managed service provider’s team has worked with multiple clients and obtained experience that can’t be sourced any other way.

What Does it Cost to Bring IT/Tech Support In-House?

Hiring a fulltime IT professional or tech support specialist (computer support specialist) has some obvious benefits:

  • You’re their only client
  • They know your IT needs
  • They are there when you need them, as soon as you need them
  • They won’t try to upsell you

On the other hand, it also comes with hiring headaches, salaries and benefits, and more hardware.  

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as of May 2015, the median annual wage for computer and IT occupations was $81,430. As of June 2016, Glassdoor reports that IT professionals averaged $85,460 per year.

Even hiring a tier lower tech employee will cost you. The BLS reports that computer support technicians will have median pay of $51,470 per year (or $24.75 per hour). However, Glassdoor shows average salaries significantly lower, at $34,260.

Keep in mind that those figures do not include additional costs that are common with a full time employee, like life and health insurance, retirement plans, payroll taxes, paid time off, and other employee benefits. Additionally, all of these costs will vary depending on the labor market you’re in.

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