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Relocating to a new office in the Chicago Loop or Chicago Suburbs?

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May we share our simple process for a successful technology relocation?

  • Disconnecting existing equipment, server racks, phones, computers, printers, firewall and switches.
  • Preparing shut off and turn up Internet connections.
  • Preparing the new build out with Wireless and Wired network connections.
  • Reconnecting existing and new technology.
  • Relying on one set technology breakdown/setup fee to complete the relocation.

Allow us to lower the anxiety that comes with relocating.

  • We have the answers for the building Riser Management company.
  • We understand where the Wireless Network should be for complete coverage.
  • We prepare the process for the alarms and alerts for the HVAC in a Server Room.
  • We will assist with key card and door lock times/setup.
  • We can assure that the conference room tables and TV’s perform their role.
  • We will finish the hook ups for network printing
  • We can work with a cabling vendor or provide the network cabling for your new space.
  • We can make certain your VOIP Phone Solution is operational on start day.

Successfully plan your relocation date with confidence.

Call or Text 847-214-8200

Time for a new office space…and that means new meeting spaces and possibly upgrading older spaces! If you could have ANY feature and/or functionality for your conference rooms, what would they be? Forget the cost…what are the possibilities?

There are obvious things, such as blanket WiFi coverage, but also not-so-obvious things, such as multiple under-floor power and network sockets, to give you maximum flexibility. Additionally, I’d go for the absolute biggest touch-screen setups possible, so there’d be no need for a projector/interactive whiteboard combo.

Additionally, I’d try to pretty much cover the walls with screens, so I can have animated wallpaper for the room, or simply display video all around, so delegates don’t have to twist and turn to view a particular screen. 

I’d also want at least one 360 degree camera per conference room, so participants not in the room can see all attendees. Decent built-in microphones in conference rooms, as well as hidden speaker systems.

Areas Covered

Illinois Kane County, Illinois Kendall County, Illinois Will County, Illinois Cook County, Illinois McHenry County, and Illinois DuPage County.