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How much time do you set aside for Unworkable Vendors?
Loop Advisors Inoperable Vendor

Recently one of my clients had moved from “Frustration” with a vendor to now is the time to “Remove” this vendor. Sadly, the customer was completely hung up on the SLA and pointing out the failures. So much energy was wasted on this step, almost like validating the decision was more important than making a rapid change for the companies benefit. Loop Advisors Energy Expelled

Budgets and long term strategic objectives are not setting aside enough time to allow what happened above. I would recommend a line item called “Inoperable Vendor” be added and accounted for when planning. The responsibility usually lies with the C-Level executive or entrepreneur to overcome the untenable vendor.

Loop Advisors Vendor Process


What I have found is the vendor solution is interwoven in the business and the C-Level executive spends an inordinate amount of time extricating the business from the nonviable vendor. Think of solutions like ERP, CRM, BPM, Cyber Security, E-commerce, and or API’s. A C-Level Executive is making every effort to remain in their role at the company. An entrepreneur is making a vigorous attempt to leverage their dollar spend. Loop Advisors Vendor ChangeThe propensity to continue to use the unworkable vendor becomes the norm. The goal should be to replace the vendor with a productive solution. 


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