Onsite Service Visit

A small business will need consistent on site support. If your small business doesn’t have an IT professional or tech support on staff, you’ve probably faced the challenge of finding affordable, responsive tech support to come onsite.

You’ll be charged more for an IT professional coming to your place of work (on site tech support) than an IT professional controlling your computer online or helping you over the phone (remote support). Many tech support issues can be resolved remotely as long as your device boots up and can connect to the internet. Knowing approximately how often you need remote tech support and on site tech support is key to picking the most affordable tech support provider for your business.

Loop Advisors, Inc. Fixed Prices: Per-Service

PC/Tablet Setup $29.00
Printer Setup $49.00
PC Tune-Up $99.00
OS Installation $129.00
Virus/Spyware Removal $199.00
Diagnostic and Repair $199.00
Firewall Support $259.00
Server Administration $299.00
Server Diagnostics and Repair $299.00
VPN Support $329.00

If your small business will only experience one or two tech issues in a year, you may be okay paying per service

A business starts out working with a tech online or over the phone to try and resolve the issue. Working online, the techs can actually access your computers directly to solve problems. However, if after working with a tech online or by phone, Loop Advisors, Inc. determines that the problem requires an onsite visit, we will schedule with you a tech to come onsite. The pricing is done by the hour ($140 per hour) one hour minimum after that charged every 15 minutes for additional onsite time. Hours of operation and support: 7 AM CST – 7 PM CST, Monday-Friday. Hours of operation and support: 8 AM CST – 8 PM CST, Saturday. Hours of operation and support: 10 AM CST – 6 PM CST, Sunday.

New or replacement hardware will always be charged separately from your tech support service. We help our customers purchase business computer items directly from vendors such as Dell, CDW, Amazon, and NewEgg.

SMB-2017 Hardware to Buy – Before Tax Time

A reference list to help purchase hardware items for a small business before year end.
Server, Desktop, Laptop, and External Storage examples from Dell, Lenovo, and Western Digital.
Download any of the the PDF’s and use it to help guide you in your end of year asset purchases for your small business.