Wow “huge” employee job creation for 2017 and it appears to be continuing in 2018. All the movement of employees leaving one organization to join another opportunity has exposed some of the companies you may not want to join for employment. Many of the recent departures were stuck in roles for a long time because of a poor job market and the fear of not staying employed in a new place.

LinkedIn was showering me with examples of people moving jobs in the Chicagoland area. I reached out and asked why they had left. Here is a list of their answers:

  1. “I was thankful to have a job, but I was not growing in my role”
  2. “I was not challenged”
  3. “The job description listed three full time jobs for one opportunity, why leave for that?”
  4. “I was not ready to leave the state of Illinois”
  5. “Pay was stagnant”
  6. “I wanted to move to a different Industry”


Everyone declined to rip or talk negatively about their last position. The pain derived from flatter organizations keeps employees from sharing their opinions. Working as a committee on projects has led to sharing success with fellow workers. Individual success is less celebrated.

I did observe IT Teams were leaving locations and not continuing as a team. Large holes had to be filled by the corporate recruiter. I believe the strategy of outsourcing certain roles was creeping up the food chain in IT. Helpdesk and Software Development teams have become outsourced.


Corporate recruiters were asked to fill the missing roles with wide ineffective salary ranges. Ironically the same lousy employers would not list a salary range on the job boards. They were continuing to do the same old same old thang.

The wonderful news worth sharing is the list of new corporate names. Up and coming new corporate opportunities could be had from places like the Inc 5000 list. Some of the corporations had won awards as a “Great Place” to work. This award resonated with employees when looking for a new employment opportunity.

The massive amount of change has led to many new opportunities, I would consider being very selective while choosing which to pursue. I hope each of you thrive in your new position and I respect your patience getting there.